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The basis of nutritional mode of nomads, livestock and wheat-derived foods determines. Although the production of fresh vegetables along the coast a little wheat and dry vegetable weight gain deeper inland. You can find all tourist hotels and restaurants in Alanya, international cuisin.


Yarpuzlu Akdarı Soup

Yarpuzlu Akdarı Çorbası

Enough millet soaked in a container. Millet extracted from the water, hand-drawn mill. After leaving shells with grains grains, fresh water is thrown into boiling water through. Salt boiling millets, are taken from the fire melted the pan and let cool to each other when you enter. When cool enough millet, yogurt with a slightly diluted mix. According to the desire yarpuzlu also be prepared. River edges or inside the arc-like pennyroyal mint, an aromatic plant. Cleaned and minced pennyroyal, millet soup joins, provides a pleasant smell and prevents disease..




Bread, pastry dough with a rolling pin shaped as a small gland diameter, thickness is more to be opened. Stove placed on the dough sheet, is well cooked and avoid burning the face of the face. Finally, the hair in front of coal supplied slightly Showing Shepit bloom. Shepit lubricated with butter, a side, separated dried precipitate (junkie) placed on top of pile.


Dogme Asi (Keshkek)

Döğme Aşı

The vaccine, known as "Keskek" Dogme outside of Alanya, is usually made from hard wheat from the harvest time.

Roasted onions with salt until the butter cut into pieces in pink. Wheat grains are washed and cleaned. Stone shot the hand mill wheat into the outer shell. The cleaned wheat, pot roasted onions and participate in the continuously stirred until well cook.

Pudding view forged from the vaccine, is eaten on the hot melted butter.




Sheep, goats slaughtered animals such as the pelvic bones, rib bones with the bones of the spine with the region limited to the region provided from the left to "labalik" is called. Labalik, washed and cleaned, then the reverse portion of the spine, the abdominal cavity in terms of opening the mouth is brought into the pouch.

Adequate quantities of boiled rice water and salt put on hold on the left. On the other side ground beef, black pepper, parsley, pine nuts, almonds, salt, tomato paste and labalık located on the kidneys, blend butter is finely chopped. Swelling in water supplies of rice and mortar, filled into labalik. Labalik mouth sewn shut to avoid spills of materials forward. Tomato paste and red pepper powder coated laba, fried in butter in a large bowl. Laba then put in another pot, cook in water.

Laba cooked over high heat, dispersed in various parts of the drilled needle quilt for fragmentation. Laban removed the ropes from a large tray, drizzle over the remaining cooking water.


Bumbar (Chitterlings)


Intestines of young goats are especially thick casing. Thoroughly cleaned and turned inside out drilling the intestine, flour, onion and lemon to scrub thoroughly. Odorless and waited for about two hours until it becomes white. Repeat the same process again through the opposite face of the intestine than the rest for two hours.

Grated onion roasted with olive oil. Heart, kidney, liver, and a sufficient amount of ground beef, rice, salt, red pepper, black pepper, tomato paste, parsley and mint blend with a welcome. One end of the rope connecting the other end of the intestine is filled with water inside the material.

After filling in the other connects to the mouth of chitterlings, cooking container is placed on curves. Closing the lid put on it, and cooked in water to cover. For fragmentation in various parts of the drill casing, taking pot after cooking fried in butter until golden. Cut into small pieces on a growing cooking chitterlings juice and melted butter is poured. On squeezed lemon and black pepper are planted and eaten


Ilibada Rolls

İlibada Sarması

15-20 cm. long and 8-10 cm. ilibada wide green round leaves, short stem in the soil has stuck. In general, winter and spring months is very painful for some of the species are not preferred ilibada.

Ilibada cleaned and washed leaves clustered on top. Boiled water is poured on. In another bowl of rice or wheat, olive oil or butter, salt, tomato paste, red pepper, parsley and spices are prepared mortar.

Wrapped in leaves and put into the pot is stacked İlibada mortar. Add a little water to cook the take-normal fire



Potatoes grown under similar soil and goleviz, washed and peeled the outer shell. Göleviz cut into pieces washed again. Minced meat, finely chopped onions, tomatoes or tomato paste, red pepper, salt and mixed with pre-soaked chickpeas. With the normal heat enough water to cook. Minced meat can also be used instead of tracks or bones. Göleviz close to the raw, mixed by pouring lemon juice on.


Taze Ulubu (Fresh Cowpea)

Taze Ülübü (Börülce)

Kidney bean salad with dried beans and meat meal in the fresh pork, such as food, boiled and made salad. Green beans such as kidney bean sized broken bones are cleaned and stems. Minced or chopped meat cubed, pan roasted with butter and chopped onion and red pepper powder. Roasting shells peeled and chopped tomatoes are added. Then, by adding the kidney bean mix. Put on enough water and salt, cooked in a normal fire.


Green Bean Dinner

Broad beans are well washed and cleaned with a knife head and bottom portions. Chopped onion, butter, pepper, mixed with ground beef or pot roast meat. Tomatoes peeled and cut into pieces are added. Material mixed with a little over cooked beans, salt water and put the normal fire to cook.



Fungal species in Alanya; gocaagac, truffles, Pelit, pine and tar is. Autumn rains, the region is the most common gocaağaç mushrooms. Thoroughly cleaned mushrooms, cut into small pieces with a knife. Finely chopped onion, olive oil or butter roasted to death. Mushrooms are cooked by adding a time. Then, water, salt and tomato paste are added. If desired, can also be made according to the chickpea.


Oksuz Helvasi (Orphan Halva)

Öksüz Helvası

A laborious task that requires the construction of the force arrows helva wrist done. A scale of grapes or carob molasses, half-scale mix with water. This is one-fifth of the mixture into a bowl, a pot, boil the rest.

Fed with sifted flour mixture into the boiling mix. The mixture into a dough from sticking to the pan and add the butter. The remaining mixture is cooked slowly added to the dough-mix will continue. Received a tray of cooked candy is given shape by hand. Shaping a cylinder is placed on the center of the bowl, a spoon, pressing the edges of the spread.

On the other side of butter fried, hot pot is poured into the center hole is filled and served.




Wash sesame seeds, a scale, with a pot of honey mixed with the same degree of roast. Cooked until the mixture is roasted sesame crust. placed in shallow bowls with a spoon. Cut with a knife to eat the cold solidified “cigirdik”. Honey can also be used instead of molasses. Cigirdik usually be done in a sweet, cold winter days.


Citrus Jam

Turunç Reçeli

Alanya is also known as wild turunca. 8-10 pieces with a knife sliced citrus, citrus and white parts separated from the interior portion of the shell is cleaned. Curls tumble shells, a yarn needle with stacked. Then the shells in a bowl of cold water is boiled for a time. Cold water, changing the water waiting for the morning and evening. The pain of the shells out thoroughly. The rope is removed and the container is made jam. 8-10 to 1 kg of bitter orange. granulated sugar is used. Spilled over citrus sugar, overnight watered thoroughly until the mixture is achieved by waiting. By adding two cups of water on the boil. On the foam is boiling over high heat. Half a lemon to the mixture the consistency of jam tightened for not to be sugary. The boil for a while, jam, jars are cooled.


Kirtaki (Pumpkin)


Kirtaki, pumpkin, squash or watermelon shell is made of water. Peel pumpkin slices were divided into scaly 3-5 cm. long, cut into small pieces. Cut into pieces in lime water or lye water for several hours waiting for parts. Shells are washed, put into a pan of boiling grape molasses or horn. Boiled the mixture until the consistency, let cool. The cooled kirtaki were placed in a test or asoil containers and the containers mouth closed.


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